Here’s our first look at Elon Musk’s Boring Co. LA tunnel

Musk’s LA tunnel is a pilot project designed to test the feasibility of his plan to dig tunnels at a lower cost and more efficiently than current tunnel boring companies operate, with the eventual aim of supplying cities and regions with underground tunnel networks that can transport goods and services while avoiding surface obstacles and traffic. Thats what we are talking about! Building a Minimum Viable Product to access feasibility, product market fit and then scale it across the globe. After all this solves a real problem of not getting congested in traffic for billions of people on earth and people will pay for it!! (Paying customers, not just eye balls here)

How Elon musk started

They say a cat lives nine Lives! Elon is topping that from his track record of over achievement. Seriously, are you Musking in your life yourself? Visualizing bigger things that impact humanity as a whole and executing that vision with grit. Well, may be you are not that ambitious but well start Musking by getting done more at work, home by parallel processing, getting more done and making your life count more. If a meow cat can have nine lives, so can you by Musking!!


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