Why Being a Workhorse Is the Path to Successful Leadership

The one trait these effective leaders have shared is inspiration through actions. They’ve executed their way to credibility. They’ve delivered on promises. They’ve built trust one event at a time, one challenge at a time, one initiative at a time. They all seem to realize that, over time, it’s about how they act (and react) that defines them. In moments of truth, their actions shine; they become the embodiment of a shared mission.

How to author authenticity

The person who narrates his or her career with emotion, including its ups and downs as if it were the life of any ordinary person, tells a memorable story.I found that those who reflected on the “why” of their choices, revealing motivation in their stories, were perceived as more authentic.


How to Be an Inspiring Leader

Inspiring leaders are those who use their unique combination of strengths to motivate individuals and teams to take on bold missions – and hold them accountable for results. And they unlock higher performance through empowerment, not command and control.

Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos’ mentor used a simple test to figure out who is a true leader

“Basically, how you make that happen is if you believe that leadership is not about putting greatness into people, leadership is about recognizing that there’s a greatness in everyone and your job is to create an environment where that greatness can emerge,” Smith told Business Insider. “That’s our definition of leadership. We don’t think leadership is the same as people management.”

Being a Virgin leader – what does it take?

The organisation gets to decide who the managers are, by assigning job titles, salary bands and organisation structures. But only the people who work in the organisation get to decide who the leaders are. And they do this by choosing to follow. And it doesn’t matter what someone’s job title is or how much they get paid. If they inspire others around them enough for them to choose to follow, then they are leaders.


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