Survive and Thrive in the Robot, AI, ML, Automation, Blockchain Age

Some estimates have suggested that a third of America's workforce is at risk of replacement by machines by 2030(just over a decade away!), along with 800 million jobs worldwide.
Elon Musk says "Robots can do everything humans can do but much much faster!"

We are an eLearning community of digital leaders, badass entrepreneurs and Joe Shmoes riding the digital wave having fun. Oh, we also like to mine digital gold and make some serious dough! Do you wanna be a tech billionaire or end up a Digital Roadkill collecting Universal Basic Income? Join DBC!

Excited and fearful of venturing into the Robot future? We are fearless pioneers, futurists that envision endless possibilities. Join the club and let's figure it out !!

Robots are coming after your white collar jobs, blue collar jobs, fat paychecks, cushy lifestyle, and hot girlfriends! Join DBC and don’t end up a beer drinking Netflix binge-watching couch potato!

Our founder Sean Awesome (an awesome last name just like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Stuart Butterfield right?) faced with mortgage and kids saw the robot revolution coming. He also realized Joe Shmoe like him busy with his 9 to 5 job was not ready for the automation/Robot future and that the current learning platforms are not teaching/honing skills that are key to the constantly changing future digital economy. In addition, he envisioned an affordable eLearning platform that fosters continuous learning at an affordable price the hard-working masses can afford like a Starbucks beverage. He spent hours and hours on building this eLearning platform with the hope that it will touch a couple of lives with the promise of offering a comprehensive eLearning package for less than what Netflix charges every month (Is Netflix backing automation, robot revolution as we will all end up as couch potatoes watching their reruns? Devious right?)

Bezos in early days of Amazon envisioned that the retailer margins are his opportunity and created amazon with customer value in mind. Our founder (with more hair for now than Bezos in the pic) envisioned that continuous learning needs to be an affordable right for the masses, not a privilege for an affordable few who can buy learning courses for say 80 dollars a pop! Talk about learning that empties your wallet!! Enough of our passionate sales pitch but hey, spread the word and invite friends and grow personally and professionally and be ready for what the future is about to bring!! We really count on your word of mouth marketing!

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