Artificial Intelligence Is Powerful—And Misunderstood. Here’s How We Can Protect Workers

BEIJING, Dec. 5, 2018– Robotic arms prepare dishes at a hot pot restaurant in Beijing, capital of China, Dec. 5, 2018. A hot pot restaurant which integrates artificial intelligence, big data management and smart robot service has attracted lots of consumers. After customers order their dishes with a tablet computer, robotic arms in the kitchen get all dishes ready and then the delivery robots sent the dishes to the tables. Workers in the kitchen control all the procedures and also monitor the data for better management. (Xinhua/Chen Junqing) (Xinhua/Chen Junqing via Getty Images)

Artificial intelligence and the future of geopolitics

Imformatics PHD student Sebastian Bitzer performs push up exercises with a programmed Kondo humanoid robot at the newly opened Imformatics Forum building of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland September 3, 2008. The university’s new 42 million pound ($74,734,800) development brings together over five hundred scientists whose interests include virtual reality, robotics, artificial learning and intelligent systems. REUTERS/David Moir (BRITAIN) – GM1E4931OMW01