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Digital Alexandria

Enjoy access to hundreds of curated articles related to robotics, startups, AI/ML, block chain etc.

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Subscribers can sign up for Daily digital Mashup newsletter, enjoy Tech cartoons and access to our Premium mobile app in the future. Cost: A fancy Starbucks drink per month!! What a value right? Even your grandma would love this sweet deal! Spread the word around and invite friends and family to DBC! At least we are not selling a Pet rock!

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Keep your organization at the cutting edge of Innovation, Digital transformation with access to Digital Alexandria, Digital mashup newsletter and tech cartoons. A picture is worth a hundred words !! Oh, you do not want to have the wrong kind of Kodak moment in the digital, automation, robot revolution! Train your digital leaders with our eLearning platform!

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Why should I pay you guys premium subscription fees?

Well we understand we are based out of US, the Land of the Free, I mean free people but not free stuff. We still have to pay our talented cartoonist, content editors, software wizards etc etc to bring outstanding features that can add value to your lives. The more customers you can help us acquire the longer we can survive without approaching VCs that have more people pitching to them than instagram likes Kardashians get

Well are robots, All are really coming after our jobs?

Hell yeah! Remember the times when we were going on horse buggies and Henry Ford came up with automobiles?That kind of change is about to happen in next ten to twenty years! Are you ready for the future? Really, can you compete with that smarty pants IBM Watson? Silicon Valley tech bros and venture capitalists and CEOs are already prepping and cashing on it while the Joe Shmoe is clue less on what to do. Our founder, another Joe Shmoe wants to help you for the cost of a Starbucks coffee a month. If this platform touches your life please spread the word and invite others

Are you planning more features in future?

Yeah of course. We are focused on adding as much value to our users without emptying their wallets of their hard earned money. The damn housing costs, gas, health insurance and even the cable and wireless provider are ripping all of us so we be the good guys here! Good deeds bring good Karma !

Why become a Digital Badass?

Why remain ordinary when you can become a Digital Badass and focus on personal , professional development, keep your job, fat paycheck, cushy life style and hot girl friend? Also you can think big, build an unicorn or two and retire on a beach sipping pina coladas in an exotic location. Be bold, become great by becoming a Digital Badass under the guidance of Digital gurus!

I have to sign up for another news letter? What makes the digital Mash up special?

Forget all the current news letters out there in the market that are clogging our mail box. They are written and edited by cheerleaders, analysts, wolves in sheep skin who never built any product, never failed, fresh out of college with the right pedigree. Their boring analysis is just that boring and you probably donʼt have time for the rambling bs. We just inform you of the facts and only if they are relevant for your digital future. Also we send our Digital mashup two times a week so that it does not clog your email like your toilet bowl or kitchen drain. Also we are funny with a sense of humor!! The more you laugh the longer you live on the rock called planet earth and survive to actually enjoy your retirement without kicking the bucket

How can I help?

We need paying users so we can survive as a startup! Share our cartoons in social media and spread the word and bring us some users please

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Remember the fancy beverages you brought for more than 4 bucks at your local Starbucks just because they look fashionable and sound funny? Vanilla bean Frappuccino, unicorn Frappuccino, Iced Chocolate Chai tea latte. Chai is tea
And Tea is tea. So what is chai tea? hmm, now you get it right! Starbucks had you paying for their fancy branding and making a statement with your wallet! If Elon musk would declare war against Starbucks with his first principles thinking he would deliver the same fancy beverage for one-tenth of the price you are paying.Well, we are razor focused on customer value also and for the damn $4.99 you are parting with as a subscriber every month we want to add deliver 10x or even 100x value so you can thrive in the new economy!! As our founder Sean Awesome says "Don't focus on mumbo jumbo and what the customer can do for you but on value we can create for the busy customer just getting by in their daily lives, rest will follow". Join us and invite friends and family with interest in digital world, continuous learning and a sense of humor.