Electric Car

Ford exec: Hybrids are better suited for self-driving cars than EVs

While Ford is making a conservative choice to stick with gas-powered autonomous cars, it’s hoping to eke out an edge with longer ranges than competitors’ electric vehicles. After all, it’s a lot quicker to fill up a gas tank than fully recharge an EV. More to the point, that time off the road is time spent not making money. Ford plans to keep its autonomous hybrids driving for about 20 hours per day, Ford’s president of global markets Jim Farley told Automotive News: “Anytime you’re not carrying goods and people, you’re losing money,” Farley said. “The most important thing is uptime and profitability. What we see is the [hybrid] is a much better cost-of-ownership model. Interesting argument if there is an use case for using these around the clock in future. Electric vehicles can counter with faster charging, longer ranges and more service stations etc. Electric vs Hybrid ?? Would you take the complete leap of faith on electric or just play safe with a hybrid?

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