Machine Learning

Google Researchers Are Learning How Machines Learn

First proposed in the 1950s, neural networks are meant to mimic the web of neurons in the brain. But that is a rough analogy. These algorithms are really series of mathematical operations, and each operation represents a neuron. Google’s new research aims to show — in a highly visual way — how these mathematical operations perform discrete tasks, like recognizing objects in photos.


YOUR THREE-POUND BRAIN runs on just 20 watts of power—barely enough to light a dim bulb. Yet the machine behind our eyes has built civilizations from scratch, explored the stars, and pondered our existence. In contrast, IBM’s Watson, a supercomputer that runs on 20,000 watts, can outperform humans at calculation and Jeopardy! but is still no match for human intelligence.


With AI, Machine learning we are about to enter the world of real vs fake! Digital content can easily be manipulated using AI fooling the masses. Now is that a real speech by Trump, a real yelp review, the real version of the video or just edited by AI? Have you been speaking to a real person or an AI bot? What is real and what is not? That audio recording, that video clip could perhaps not be admissible in court!

What do made-for-AI processors really do?

What are the chip makers doing to support the AI, Machine learning, Neural Network revolution? They are coming up with chips to support image recognition, listening to a hot word etc. Apple’s A11 bionic uses neural engine to support faceid, Animoji etc. Imagine all the calculations needed to determine if its you and mapping your expressions onto a talking panda!The key difference is now machine learning tasks can be done on the device rather than on the cloud! More security, more power to the user and we will see an explosion of fantastic features users can enjoy on their devices!

Google AI helped find the first solar system outside our own with 8 planets

Google explained on a call announcing the discovery that it essentially used the same tools it’s employed to do things like identify cats and dogs in photographs to comb through the data collected by Kepler over its four year data collection mission. Its great that Googlers are not looking to apply AI to bigger problems!! Can they answer ‘Are we alone?’ question with AI and Machine Learning?

What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it.
An attempt will be made to find how to make machines use language, form abstractions and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for human, and improve themselves. In essence AI is a machine with the ability to solve problems that are usually done by humans using our natural intelligence.

Things You Need To Look Out For In Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Before The End Of 2017 From Google, Amazon And Other Tech Giants

Two domains: AI and Machine Learning. These terms are not exchangeable. Machine learning, a totally unique approach to program a PC via training it with a massive sea of sample information, is genuine and is set down deep roots. General Artificial Intelligence remains a distant goal and is perhaps 5-20 years away depending on the specific area of the “intelligence” being learned.

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