The CEO of IDEO explains how your “creative capacity” is the key to surviving automation

Creative leadership doesn’t require being a lone genius: It requires setting some design constraints for how you work, and flexing a few basic behavioral muscles that you already have.

— Focus and execute a task in intense bursts of energy ( sprints, deep dives etc)

— Nurture your curiosity

— Become more adaptable

— Abolish hierarchy and encourage inter disciplinary communication

AI can only predict based on what it has been trained with. Humans are able to imagine and machines cannot!!


2018 Will be an Emotional Year for Robots

“There’s research showing that if you’re smiling and waving or shrugging your shoulders, that’s 55% of the value of what you’re saying – and then another 38% is in your tone of voice,” describes el Kaliouby. “Only 7% is in the actual choice of words you’re saying, so if you think about it like that, in the existing sentiment analysis market which looks at keywords and works out which specific words are being used on Twitter, you’re only capturing 7% of how humans communicate emotion, and the rest is basically lost in cyberspace.” Will 2018 be the year of emotional AI?

Robomart is the latest startup to try and unseat the local convenience store

There was ‘Bodega’ and now’Robomart’. Will they supplement the convenience stores or try to disrupt the corner store? While looks like its another glorified kiosk, how will it replace the emotional connection the residents in the neighbor hood have in walking into it, having small talk and greeting others in the neighborhood and exchanging niceties etc. Will it have the impact Amazon had on retail or just become another failed idea rejected by the market completely?

LG Electronics to Sell Robots to Replace Hotel, Airport, Supermarket Employees

The first one is a server robot that can deliver food and drinks to customers at hotels and airport lounges. It can essentially replace the work done by the waitstaff and be able to do it around the clock,” CNBC explained. “Second is a porter robot that can handle check-in and check-out services at hotels and carry luggage to rooms.”Finally, LG’s third new robot is made to work with customers at a supermarket, telling them the price of products and then guiding them through the aisles. There it starts – Robo Sourcing!!


Whats driving these robots? Electrical motors called actuators.. Actuators make robots leap and run and do backflips and lift 500-pound pipes (different robots, mind you, thank God. The lower the cost of these actuators become and they are easy to use we will have tipping point in robotics. Like personal computers which reached masses, we would probably see personal robots of several use cases? A robotic arm to hand you things, a robotic arm to hold your drink? Future looks bright and convenient!


Chef, I want Pasta Primavera for dinner asap while I couch surf! Would this in future cause trouble for take out places as a robot can whip up your Italian food one day, Chinese the next and pizza on game nights? Would it become a standard in future in all kitchens. Definitely it could change what we mean by ‘cooking’ – by human or a robot?

Ford tests exoskeleton to ease strain on factory workers

Certain Ford employees do these tasks up to 4,600 times per day and up to a million times per year, the automaker noted in a press release. The non-powered EksoVest, designed by Ekso Bionics in partnership with Ford, helps lift five to fifteen pounds, easing the strain on users’ upper bodies and preventing some fatigue. That assistance could help prevent workplace accidents resulting from tired muscles and minds.

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